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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency, and Just Forget About Your Objections

For businesses looking to maximize their growth potential and better position themselves, online marketing isn’t just a fallback strategy.

Then again, it’s also understandable if you have reservations about outsourcing this (even if you’re plate is full). 

But did you know 78% of outsourcing relationships are positive and 65% of businesses currently or previously outsourcing are intent on doing more?

So, let us **gently** explain and clarify why hire a digital marketing agency.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why hiring a professional can make a big difference in you promoting your brand. Before diving into the details, it’s important to start with the basics

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is an outside service provider specializing in helping businesses design and execute online campaigns. Their services typically include website development, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and social media strategy

As you see, the services offered by digital marketing agencies vary widely. While some agencies focus solely on one type of marketing (for example, SEO agency), others offer a more comprehensive suite of services (like BrightMinds digital marketing agency). Also, the agency’s size affects the services it can offer— smaller agencies might have only a few employees and cannot provide as many services as larger ones.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Simply put, by working with a digital marketing agency, you’ll have access to professionals who know everything about digital marketing.

Here’s how they work.

Generally, a digital marketing agency can develop strategies to help your business reach its goals—increasing brand awareness or driving more sales. Or, if you already have one in place, an outsourced marketing agency can provide an objective perspective on your current marketing efforts.

Additionally, they may audit and deliver data-driven insights into your (both new and existing) campaign performance, letting you track the results—and make adjustments as needed. 

Why hire a digital marketing agency: Your common objections to outsourcing

Are you one of the business owners wary and asking why hire a digital marketing agency? True enough, outsourcing is a big concern for many. Perhaps, your common objections often include: 

  • Lack of control 
  • Fear of poor results 
  • Trust issues
  • Cost concerns
  • Communication challenges

Let’s look at them closer.

“I’m worried I’ll lack control over my marketing strategy and tactics.”

To be perfectly honest, outsourcing your digital marketing activities removes some control from you or your in-house teams. Since you must give up parts of your strategy, you don’t own full ownership of the outsourced task. You may worry that an outside agency won’t be as invested in the business’s success as you are and thus won’t align with your goals.

“I fear poor results and poor return on investment.”

Some business owners like you hesitate to outsource digital marketing because of the risk of scams or low-quality work.  You worry about hiring an agency that over-promises and under-delivers marketing services. And, in the worst case, it could damage the business’s reputation, so you’ll end up wasting money on a campaign that doesn’t work.

“I have trust issues.”

Had negative experiences with agencies in the past? Trust is another common concern when outsourcing digital marketing. You probably worry about the agency’s reputation or track record. You and many other business owners are also reluctant to outsource your digital marketing because you fear it won’t get the same level of care and attention as if you did it in-house.

“I’m skeptical about the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency.”

We understand this 100%. It can be hard to justify the cost of outsourcing. You might have reservations about spending money on something you’re not sure will work. Sometimes, outsourcing can be expensive, especially if a business needs ongoing support that’s why some business owners may feel that they can save money by keeping their marketing in-house.

“I’m worried about communication challenges.”

It’s just too obvious—digital marketing agencies can be from a different geography. So you may be concerned about communication challenges when working with remote outsourcing agencies. And you agree that keeping everyone on board when you work remotely is hard. In your opinion, it’s important to be able to communicate with your marketing team in real time because time zone differences could slow down the process.

But wait—we hear these, too (though not really often)

  • You worry that outsourcing your marketing will result in losing company culture. And suspect that an outside agency won’t be able to reflect your unique values and voice.
  • Another objection to why hire a digital marketing agency is the lack of understanding of the process and fear of the unknown. It’s because digital marketing can be complicated, and a lot of businesses are unaware of how it actually works or how an outside agency can help them.
  • Moreover, the online world keeps changing. So, some of you may worry you won’t get it right ever. The lack of confidence in your marketing skills and ability to make good marketing decisions makes you skeptical.

So to address these concerns, it’s important that a digital marketing agency take time to explain their process and answer any questions that business owners may have—enter BrightMinds digital marketing agency.

Let’s further explore how our team can break your common objections.

Breaking your objections with BrightMinds

Let me ask this, and please answer truthfully—are your fears and doubts keeping you from achieving success in digital marketing? 


We’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, BrightMinds is here to help you break through those objections that are holding you back. Here’s how our core values can smash your barriers.

  • Integrity 
    • At BrightMinds, we strive to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Our integrity is built on the fact that we operate with a strong moral compass and always put our client’s best interests first. By adhering to ethical standards in all of our business practices, we’ve created a reliable system so you can be confident that your marketing vision will be designed and executed with transparency. This also means we’re accountable for what the agency can (and cannot) deliver, own our mistakes, and work to correct them in a timely and effective manner.
  • Customer-focused
    • BrightMinds is a digital marketing agency that places the client at the center of everything it does. In other words, we’re committed to understanding the client’s unique needs and tailoring its services to meet those needs/goals. We prioritize building a strong relationship with the client and from the mutual trust, we’ll work closely to ensure that the marketing strategy is aligned with the client’s overall business goals and objectives.
  • Respect 
    • Yes, it’s one of our core values to show respect to every individual we work with. It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner, stakeholder, manager, or staff—you’ll receive the same treatment, respect, dignity, and professionalism from BrightMinds’ team. 
      • Here’s a good example.
    • If you express concerns about the cost of hiring an agency, we don’t just dismiss your query. Instead, we’d listen to your concerns first, acknowledge their validity, and work with you to find solutions that maintain our desired outcomes while mitigating costs.
  • Open communication
    • This is quite straightforward—we value transparency so we promote frequent communication with our clients. We keep our clients in the loop about the progress of their marketing campaigns, including any challenges or issues that arise. We’ll continuously get feedback to ensure that the strategy remains relevant to the client’s needs. 
    • By having a free flow of communication between us, we’ll set clear expectations with you regarding the agency’s services, goals, and timelines. You can freely share your ultimate goal and lay down our steps to achieve your goals.
  • Collaboration
    • A collaborative approach involves working together with the client to fulfill their vision. With BrightMinds, we thrive on working closely with clients to develop customized marketing solutions that coincide with and exceed their expectations. 
    • This collaborative mindset brings out the best in everyone involved since we can leverage your strengths to create a tailored marketing strategy. BrightMinds values teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support so everyone’s specialized skills and strengths can be tapped to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Let go of your objections and hire BrightMinds

If you believe that you need digital marketing but are unsure why hire a digital marketing agency, then you probably have these common objections mentioned above:

  • Lack of control 
  • Fear of poor results 
  • Trust issues
  • Cost concerns
  • Communication challenges

However, it may also mean that you just haven’t met the right digital marketing agency that’ll help break those reservations. 

Luckily, the BrightMinds digital marketing agency is here to help alleviate this challenge. We’re a team of experts ready to help future partners like you get ahead of their competitors—regardless of your industry.

Let’s talk because you’re missing out on opportunities if you delay digital marketing further.

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