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BrightMinds Digital Marketing started its humble beginnings in 2016 when our CEO and Visionary President decided to give up her corporate career and work as a freelance virtual assistant that catered only to a limited number of clients Due to hard work, perseverance, excellent output of our team members, and loyalty of our trusted clients, the company is pursuing greater heights and is now a Digital Marketing Corporation registered and certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.



BrightMinds is committed to deliver quality, excellent, effective and professional services tailored to our client’s needs in the digital marketing world.



To be one of the best and trusted digital marketing companies that provides 100% client satisfaction.


We offer services tailored to our client’s needs in the digital marketing world today



Design or Branding is about representing your business in a creative way. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. We know this from the heart, that is why our designs will definitely connect with your audience.



A website is where you show people what your business is and the products or services you offer. This is where you communicate with the online world. Let us build you a visuallyappealing website that has excellent user-experience.



We create digital marketing plans that are tailored to your business. It is important for a business to have a strong marketing strategy and seamless execution of plans.



Running a business is time-consuming and very difficult if you do it alone. BrightMinds is here to provide you with the support you need for your business.


Working with BrightMinds has been an amazing experience… I had made several attempts to outsource some of my tasks through various websites that were very unsuccessful. I was just about to give up when I found the solution. I am grateful to now feel supported and know that the work will be done and done correctly. I can’t imagine trying to get ALL the things done and appreciate the team fully! Awesome group to work with

Online Savvy Marketer

Dawn Marie Williams Client

As an entrepreneur one of the worst things you can do is try to do it all by yourself and I did that for years. When I was introduced to Princess and her team it was the best thing for me personally as a mom and an entrepreneur. She has helped me in so many more ways than just as a Virtual Assistant. Her team has helped me take my brand to an entirely different level and be in so many places at once while I am often being a full time mommy or focusing on the income producing activities that grow my income. Hiring Princess was hands down the best business decision I’ve made.

The Fit Mompreneur

Angela CampbellClient

Working with Princess and her team has been wonderful. She is so communicative, reliable, and the work she produces is top-notch. I’ve worked with many VAs and agencies, but this team is among the best. Thanks for all you do for us in the OTF, Princess.

Online Trainers Federation

Dave Smith Client

I have been working with Bright Minds for my business for over 3 years now. When I started it was just to help with minor social media work and I had no idea how it would progress. I was scared to share my passwords and trust what another person would post on my behalf. Would this actually save me work in the long run? Would I have to be double checking the postings so much that it would not be worth it, and be more hassle than it was worth?Well of course the answer is that it’s been well worth it, and in fact, we have expanded what we do together to include email campaigns through Mailchimp and video polishing on YouTube because our level of trust and understanding is so great, than I feel 100% comfortable having these tasks taken care of for me. By simply working together on a few documents which shared my ideas and vision for my business, BrightMinds very carefully followed those guidelines which led to a very solid understanding of my business and my brand. I am so grateful every day knowing that I have a company I can fully trust, even from a long distance, with my messages to my followers. Working with BrightMinds has helped my social media presence immensely, and has helped clearly make my business more money through the consistent branding which I did not have the time to do. If you are looking for a company that will take the time to learn your brand, and very carefully produce content for you that is almost like writing it yourself, then look no further than the experts at BrightMinds. I highly recommend them! You will not be sorry for putting your trust in their hands, and you have the possibility of greatly benefiting from their expertise. They are simply the best!

Dr. Jena Questen Client

I’ve been working with BrightMinds for just over a year and have been blown away by their ability to accommodate and pivot with the market. Their team has helped me integrate my brand, gain exposure and followers, and create meaningful relationships with my audience. They truly care about getting the job right for you. I feel so lucky I get to work with such a dynamic team at a fraction of the cost of other services similar to theirs. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to partner with this group, as they have definitely lightened the load, making my job so much more fun.

Christina Whiteley Client

If you’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or content creator and you’re not working with Princess and her team, you are absolutely missing out! As the owner of an online nutrition & fitness company, Princess and her team have literally saved me so much time not to mention stress and feelings of overwhelm from on all the tasks that are so important and always seem to keep piling up despite only having so much time in a day. She and her team are AMAZING. Even though they are halfway around the world, they always get back to me quickly, complete each task on time exceeding my expectations, and always go above and beyond to help me out in areas I may have very little knowledge of. I couldn’t be more thankful for her and her team and I owe them so much to the growth of our business over the past year! They are amazing and I’m so glad to have them on my team!

Founder Tandem Nutrition

Garrett Serd, MS, R.D., CPT Client




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