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YunaPRO Management Package D

YunaPRO Management Package D

Tasks Covered


  1. Update Friends List
  2. Add 50 new friends from groups/posts
  3. Send out 50 likes/loves
  4. Invite up to 50 people to join your group (“Invite” button)
  5. Send welcome messages to new friends
  6. Accept new group members using “Manage Group Members”
  7. Send welcome messages to “new group members”
  8. Tag latest “New Members” list on welcome post using “Tag For Attention”
  9. Record newest group member (for starting place when you tag tomorrow)
  10. Send friend requests to new members


  1. Cleanse 10% of your unengaged audience
  1. Cancel oldest unaccepted friend requests
  2. Cancel oldest unaccepted group invitations

Additional Tasks (not using YunaPRO)

  1. Check if the newly added friends are aligned with the client’s target niche
  2. Engage with new friends
  3. Engage with new members
  4. Engage with the posts in other groups
  5. Engage with people who comment/interact in the client’s group

Note: This is a recurring monthly payment for this service.