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YunaPRO Management and Appointment Setting C

YunaPRO Management and Appointment Setting C

Tasks Covered

Daily Routine:

  • Update Friends List
  • Add up to 50 new friends from groups/posts
  • Send out up to 50 likes/loves
  • Invite up to 50 people to join your group (“Invite” button)
  • Send welcome messages to new friends
  • Accept new group members using “Manage Group Members”
  • Send welcome messages to “new group members”
  • Tag latest “New Members” list on welcome post using “Tag For Attention”
  • Record newest group member (for starting place when you tag tomorrow)
  • Send friend requests to new members

Monthly Routine

  • Cleanse 10% of your unengaged audience 
  • Cancel oldest unaccepted friend requests
  • Cancel oldest unaccepted group invitations

Additional Tasks (not using YunaPRO):

  • Check if the newly added friends are aligned with the client’s target niche.
  • Engage with new friends
  • Engage with new members
  • Engage with the posts in other groups
  • Engage with people who comment/interact in the client’s group
  • Blue Button Invite

Appointment Setting Tasks

  • Accept New Members in the Group
  • Tag them in the Welcome Post
  • Send welcome Message
  • Build Rapport
  • Build Trust and authority through specific questions
  • Offer Call
  • Book Call

Note: This is a recurring monthly payment for this service.