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Full YunaPRO Package and Administrative Support

Full YunaPRO Package and Administrative Support

YunaPRO/FB support and Admin tasks

4 hours/day Monday – Friday

Tasks Covered

  1. YunaPRO + Messenger Conversations
    1.1 Update Friend list
    1.2. Gain Reciprocity
    1.3. Join groups
    1.4. Add friends from Groups
    1.4.1. Positive Keyword
    1.4.2. Negative Keyword
    1.5. Target prospects from Competitor’s Ad: (if applicable/available)
    1.6. Broadcast Message to New friends
    1.7. Broadcast message to other lists (if applicable)
    1.8. Add New Members list (YP list)
    1.9. Tagging of members
    1.10. Search for new group
  2. Additional Tasks (not using YunaPRO)
    2.1. Check if the newly added friends are aligned with the client’s target niche.
    2.2. Engage with new friends
    2.3. Engage with new members
    2.4. Engage with the posts in other groups
    2.5. Engage with people who comment/interact in the client’s group
    2.6. Blue Button Invite
  3. Administrative tasks/support

Note: This is a recurring monthly payment for this service.