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General Administrative Support

General Administrative Support

2 hours per day Monday – Friday

Tasks Covered

  1. Running Automations (Daily/Weekly)
    • EZ Messenger Tool
    • Genius Replies ( run for 2 hours per day only)
    • FB Group Invites
    • Birthday Posts
    • Let Story Drive
    • Scheduler for Posts
    • Disconnector to remove Inactive Friends
    • Send Reminder to Create Lists for all clients
  2. Tracking (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) and Accountability
    • Friend Requests
    • Messages Sent
    • Accepted Friend Requests
    • Responses from Initial Messages
    • Conversations
    • Calls Booked or Offers Presented
    • Engagement of all Content in Profile – Professional Mode
    • Track client accountability (homework) and provide tracking sheets before weekly group call
    • KPIs tracked for the month
    • Other monthly reports
  3. Weekly Live Group Call
    • Summary of Call
    • Download and Save Video of Call into Online Library
    • Provide All participants with weekly feedback survey
    • Attendance Sheets

Note: This is a recurring monthly payment for this service.