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Dr. Jena Questen

I have been working with Bright Minds for my business for over 3 years now. When I started it was just to help with minor social media work and I had no idea how it would progress. I was scared to share my passwords and trust what another person would post on my behalf. Would this actually save me work in the long run? Would I have to be double checking the postings so much that it would not be worth it, and be more hassle than it was worth?Well of course the answer is that it’s been well worth it, and in fact, we have expanded what we do together to include email campaigns through Mailchimp and video polishing on YouTube because our level of trust and understanding is so great, than I feel 100% comfortable having these tasks taken care of for me. By simply working together on a few documents which shared my ideas and vision for my business, BrightMinds very carefully followed those guidelines which led to a very solid understanding of my business and my brand. I am so grateful every day knowing that I have a company I can fully trust, even from a long distance, with my messages to my followers. Working with BrightMinds has helped my social media presence immensely, and has helped clearly make my business more money through the consistent branding which I did not have the time to do. If you are looking for a company that will take the time to learn your brand, and very carefully produce content for you that is almost like writing it yourself, then look no further than the experts at BrightMinds. I highly recommend them! You will not be sorry for putting your trust in their hands, and you have the possibility of greatly benefiting from their expertise. They are simply the best!