How to Create a Successful TikTok Strategy to Increase Awareness

Social media can be a powerful tool to boost brand awareness if you play your cards right. Among the social media platforms your brand should invest in is TikTok. 

The fastest growing social media website in recent years, this video app is more than just a platform for the youth to express themselves. It is a driving force that profoundly impacts music and culture. 

Your brand is missing out on many opportunities simply by not having a presence on TikTok. That’s why you should open an account if you don’t already have one. But how do you maximize your TikTok account? 

Here, you’ll find tested and proven strategies to use TikTok and entice more people to discover more about your brand. You’ll be inspired to devise an engaging campaign that can give your brand a big boost. 


Before diving in on winning TikTok strategies, let’s talk about TikTok and its overall impact.

TikTok is the leading platform for short-form video content. It allows users to create 15-second videos on any given topic. Since its launch in 2018, this platform has exploded in popularity, particularly with Gen Zers.

Why TikTok is so Popular

TikTok’s rise to mega-popularity can be traced to three key factors: celebrity endorsement, easy-to-use interface, and localized content.

Since it was first introduced to the world in 2018, TikTok has tapped on the star power of different celebrities to drive people to explore the app. Not only has TikTok chosen celebrities known all over the world, but the platform has also utilized local celebrities to reach a wider audience. 

These celebrity partnerships have been vital to driving traffic to TikTok. Not only did these celebrities post content on TikTok, but they also posted on their other social media accounts for increased awareness. 

The TikTok app’s popularity is also grounded in its simplicity. It doesn’t take plenty of time or effort to shoot a short video clip. Moreover, the TikTok algorithm is designed so that video clips start playing as soon as you open the app. One can get lost scrolling on TikTok for hours because of its addictive nature.

Moreover, despite being a global social media platform, TikTok focuses on localized content. The app often runs contests and challenges for more people to create their own videos on TikTok. 

Top 13 TikTok Strategies 

Now that we’ve identified what makes TikTok tick, let’s go into how you and your brand can use TikTok to your advantage. 

Without further ado, here are winning strategies to devise a successful TikTok marketing plan:

  1. Know your audience. 

Before you start developing content on TikTok, you should think about your target audience. While TikTok is popular among the Gen Z generation, more and more people have embraced TikTok. In short, TikTok is not just a social media platform for teenagers. 

As you brainstorm on the type of video to shoot, you should consider the kind of demographic you’re trying to reach. This mindset will make shooting and editing videos easier. Even if you haven’t figured out the type of content you plan on publishing in the future, you should at least figure out what won’t work for your target audience. 

  1. Use the right hashtags.

Many social media platforms, including TikTok, use hashtags to catalog content and make the search for videos more convenient. Using hashtags on TikTok can increase your following, help identify your competitors, and amplify the reach of each post. 

Here’s a tip: while hashtags can drive traffic to your account, you should avoid using generic hashtags. Your brand has a better chance of standing out when using a more unique hashtag. The goal is to be seen by a wider audience, so you shouldn’t use hashtags just because they’re popular. You can even use a hashtag tied to your brand, so people can get to know your brand better simply by clicking on the particular hashtag. 

  1. Collaborate with TikTok influencers

Let’s face the fact: the public tends to trust real people more than brands. You should explore collaborating with TikTok-famous influencers to amplify your brand’s popularity. 

TikTok influencers know what types of content work well for their target audience. These people have tried and tested different video styles. They already know what works and what doesn’t for their followers. With their insight, your brand can develop more authentic and engaging content. 

If you’re working with a dancer, your best bet is to have them dance along to a song that works well with your brand. Strategic product placement is also key. If you’re collaborating with a comedian, let him market your brand in a silly way that doesn’t compromise your brand’s integrity. 

  1. Choose the right influencer. 

When it comes to collaborating with influencers, your brand shouldn’t just partner with whoever has the highest follower content or who has the most video likes. The TikTok influencer you invest in should be able to reach your target audience. 

For example, if you’re a beauty brand, your best bet is to partner with a stylish influencer who’s passionate about maintaining a certain aesthetic. If you’re marketing a fitness campaign, choosing a fitness instructor or enthusiast might be best. 

Every influencer provides the opportunity to reach different types of target audiences. Your job is to determine whose followers reflect the kind of people who fit your brand perfectly. This strategy is vital for customer leads. 

  1. Follow TikTok trends

Riding on what’s popular on TikTok can increase your brand’s relevance. Trending topics come and go in a flash, so you should strike the iron while it’s hot. Creating and sharing videos relating to these trends can increase your brand’s following. 

When you’re riding on a trend’s hype train, your brand shouldn’t just copy whatever everyone else is doing. To make your brand stand out, you should have a unique element to pique people’s interests. 

At the same time, your brand should be strategic in following a TikTok trend. Some trends might not be appropriate to your brand and target audience. It’s better to create meaningful content that your audience would appreciate rather than riding on whatever is popular at the moment. 

  1. Encourage your followers to comment and engage them regularly

A winning TikTok marketing strategy doesn’t stop at posting exciting content. Like other social media platforms, TikTok encourages frequent user engagement. Being proactive in the comments section can spark meaningful conversations. These conversations can lead to potential customers. 

Take note of this: creating a winning TikTok strategy requires a personal approach. Your brand shouldn’t just reply to users with generic statements. You can win over more people by addressing them individually in a thoughtful manner. 

When your followers feel seen, they’re encouraged to post even more comments. Remember that TikTok displays the number of comments on your posts. The more likes and comments you have, the wider audience your content might get to reach. 

  1. Comment on other users’ accounts

Aside from regularly engaging your followers on your brand’s account, you should go the extra mile and engage with other users. This strategy will make building a substantial following so much easier. 

Your brand should leave interesting or funny comments on other users’ content when appropriate. Knowing they have your brand’s attention can be flattering and potentially drive your follower count. After all, your goal should be to create an inclusive online community that’s approachable yet aspirational. 

  1. Post on a regular basis

Posting too much is discouraged on some social media platforms because your content might not get meaningful engagements. It’s not recommended to oversaturate your audience, after all.  That’s not the case when it comes to TikTok. 

TikTok encourages its users to post frequently. The more videos you post on your account, the higher your follower count. This strategy is also vital for more people to discover your account and decide to follow you. 

  1. Maximize TikTok’s effects

When it comes to TikTok, your brand shouldn’t take itself too seriously. TikTok has a plethora of effects you can use to make your content stand out. Under the Effects tab, you’ll discover different options that can take your videos to the next level. 

The sky is the limit when using TikTok’s effects. However, you shouldn’t go overboard as well. Your brand should be mindful of your audience’s reception to the video. When you’re editing your videos, you should ask yourself, ‘what would my followers think of this?’ Know your audience. 

  1. Inject a sense of humor. 

People log onto their TikTok accounts to entertain themselves. Plus, people love to laugh as a respite from everything else in the world. Tickling people’s funny bones can engage more people and drive them to learn more about your brand. 

Brands can increase their following by incorporating a down-to-earth and relatable sense of humor on their accounts. More people would support your brand if they could empathize with you. Moreover, injecting a good sense of humor into your content will encourage people to watch your other content more. 

  1. Make your video descriptions crystal clear

TikTok allows you to create videos up to a minute long. You should make every second count. Every post and corresponding video description should be of value to your followers. 

The strategic use of keywords is essential for SEO purposes. You want the TikTok app to catalog your content appropriately and, hopefully, reach your target audience. While it’s vital to use the right keywords, the description should make sense when read by people.

However, you have limited space to entice your audience. To craft witty yet relevant captions to accompany your videos, consider repurposing the captions you’ve written for your other social media platforms. Keep your captions snappy to get more people’s attention. 

  1. Use TikTok ads.

Advertising on TikTok is now easier because TikTok has developed a formal advertising tool. TikTok offers three types of ads: in-feed native ads, hashtag challenge ads, and brand takeover ads. 

In-feed native ads are pretty much like traditional ads you see on other social media platforms. You can add website links and Order Now buttons to encourage people to buy your product. Meanwhile, a hashtag challenge ad involves creating instructions and rules for a featured challenge. This type of ad helps reach a targeted audience. 

Brand takeover ads let people get creative through GIFs, images, or clips that lead to a hashtag challenge or landing page. When choosing what type of ad to invest in, think about what your target audience would find most engaging. 

  1. Take advantage of TikTok analytics

No matter what social media platform you’re using, analytics can be helpful in figuring out what tactics have worked from what haven’t. There’s more to TikTok than the number of likes, comments, and shares your video content gets. Exploring TikTok’s analytics tools can help plan future content and marketing campaigns.

What’s awesome about TikTok analytics is that you can use it for free. You just need to upgrade your brand’s account to a ‘pro’ account. All you have to do is go to the ‘Privacy and Settings’ section on the app, then click on ‘Manage my account.’ From there, you should upgrade to the ‘pro’ option. 

TikTok analytics is vital to improve your brand’s performance on the app. You even get insight into what type of content your audience is watching and what time they’re most active. This data is key to determining what kind of content you should explore more and what you shouldn’t waste your valuable resources on. Moreover, you can recalibrate your posting schedule for a better audience reach. 

Closing thoughts 

TikTok poses a lot of potential since it’s one of the new social media players on the block. With these TikTok strategies, you have a better chance of expanding your audience and increase awareness of your brand. 

To be ahead of the pack, you should start as soon as possible. Take a leap of faith and open a TikTok account for your brand. To make jumping on the TikTok hype train so much easier, we at BrightMinds PH have content specialists willing to help you out! If you’re interested to know more, message us today for a free quote!


Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants

As a business owner, you’ll have to wear many hats at some point in your life. You’ll wake up in the morning to answer inquiries, attend client meetings in the afternoon, spend the evening brainstorming for content ideas, and stay up all night doing administrative work.

However, when your business starts to grow, you need to let go of some tasks so you can respond to high-value work. Therefore, you’ll need someone or a team to help you carry out business-related tasks to help you move closer to your goals.

So, if you think it’s about time to focus on high-value activities to further business growth, consider investing in virtual assistance. Virtual assistance is rapidly becoming a crucial part of a successful business in the digital age. And if there’s anyone who can provide it best, it would be a Filipino virtual assistant.

What makes a Filipino virtual assistant stand out in the virtual assistance industry? Where can you find them? Here, you’ll find everything you need to learn about Filipino virtual assistants and a detailed process that will help you find and work with one.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote employee who supports a business by accomplishing specific tasks for an hourly or monthly package, making it a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time personal assistant.

They usually support more than one client simultaneously, but some choose to work with only one depending on the employment agreement. Their day-to-day activities include making phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing social media accounts, creating content, replying to emails, and more.

Why hire a Filipino virtual assistant?

With more and more Filipinos acknowledging the benefits of remote work, virtual assistant services in the Philippines have skyrocketed over the years. In fact, Manila sits on the number 2 spot in the 2014 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations. Indeed, they’re no beginners in the outsourcing industry. The  Philippines is known to be the call-center capital of the world for a reason.

Aside from this, we have listed several reasons why it’s best to hire a Filipino virtual assistant:

1.     Filipinos are fluent in English

Did you know that a small country such as the Philippines is deemed one of the world’s largest English-speaking countries? According to the Education First’s 2020 English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the Filipino people’s English competency in Asia ranks second to Singapore. Additionally, more than 90% of the population can speak English as a second language! In other words, there are approximately 90 million Filipinos who can speak English, so there’s language barrier will not be a massive issue!

2.     Filipinos understand Western culture

The Philippines has been colonized by Spanish, US, and Japanese before, making the country a melting pot of cultures. English is used as a secondary medium of communication, and with this, the influence of Western media has become apparent. Filipinos access Western news, music, movies, and other forms of information every day. In fact, the Philippines was the top one in the list of countries following the NBA on social media.

If not always, Filipinos almost use basic English language in a usual conversation, giving them an edge compared to their non-English speaking neighbors.

3.     Filipinos can work comfortably with foreign clients

Filipinos are famous for freelancers and BPO companies. Since they have significant experience working for offshore clients, chances are your next Filipino VA had worked with other international clients before and offered the same type of service and assistance you’re looking for.

Filipino virtual assistants, especially the experienced ones, are already familiar with the demands of working with a foreign client like you. These demands include adjusting to different time zones, using new tools, and other specific requirements you’re looking for in someone. However, they’re not afraid to show they’re capable and are willing to go the extra mile to meet your requests!

4.     Filipinos are hard-working, passionate individuals

Filipino people take pride in their values, no matter where they are in the world. These individuals are very hardworking—giving their 101% in any job, displaying the ability to work well with others, and demonstrating resiliency during challenging times.

If you ask any business owner who works (or used to work) with a Filipino virtual assistant, expect to hear praises about great work ethics. It’s because Filipino people are passionate about providing honest and thorough service.

5.     Filipinos can thrive well under pressure

Filipino workers, virtual assistants included, have been trained in school and at home to stay calm in times of pressure. Aside from their ability to handle stress, they are enthusiastic about achieving their tasks and assisting their bosses when the need arises. In addition, they are committed to helping their teams grow until they reach their goals. With these two traits, you can expect that your next Filipino VA will give your high-quality results.

6.     Filipinos are great listeners

Despite their noisy, rowdy image, Filipinos are excellent listeners. Their ability to listen and comprehend information easily helps increase productivity within the workspace. In addition, they can quickly grasp basic concepts and are willing learners who seek constant growth. Therefore, you can expect them to meet or exceed your expectations.

7.     Filipino virtual assistants provide weekly and monthly reports

When working with a Filipino virtual assistant, part of their job will be to provide weekly and monthly reports on their tasks and accomplishments. These reports will give you a complete view of work timelines, the activities rendered, and their results. Consequently, some PH-based virtual assistant companies have online portals that you can access to see your virtual assistant’s workload and progress.

8.     Filipinos are loyal

There’s something about Filipinos and their willingness to stay in a company for many years. They are very loyal, especially if their employers give them what they deserve, including excellent working conditions, work-life balance, and a competitive salary. Likewise, Filipino VAs value their work and their relationships with their co-workers.

9.     Filipinos have a positive mindset

In connection to their ability to display grace under pressure, Filipinos are very optimistic—always seeing the brighter side of challenges. They manage to put on a smile even when they have a lot on their plate. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about having unnecessary drama in your team.

10.  Filipinos exhibit professionalism

Filipino people are generally known for their hospitable nature. This characteristic is felt both in their homes and workplaces. Additionally, they are very respectful to others regardless of race, ethnicity, age, and gender orientation. This trait is no surprise as Filipinos are taught to use words such as “po” and “opo” to show respect to elders at a very early age.

The same trait is carried over to their working relationships. Filipino VAs are very respectful and polite. And while they can articulate their thoughts very well, they will do so with humility.

11.  Filipino virtual assistants are more cost-effective

The Philippines may be home to the most competent workers, but it has low labor costs. If the average monthly net salary in the United States is $2,730 in 2021, the Philippines only has $288.35. This is one of the many reasons overseas clients outsource services in the Philippines.

Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant will help you save money without compromising on fantastic results. However, as a responsible employer, it doesn’t give you the right to lowball your employees. Hiring a Filipino VA may be a cheaper alternative, but ensure to provide a salary that’s commensurate with your employee’s experience.

12.  Filipinos have commendable work ethics

The Philippines is a disaster-prone country, but that rarely becomes an issue for remote workers because they always find a way to make it to work in the face of a natural disaster.

You may have seen stories of students braving the mountains and flooded roads just to get to school or communities helping each other in times of calamity. This Filipino resiliency is also present in virtual assistants as well. A responsible Filipino virtual assistant will do anything they can just to show up for work. And in instances they won’t be able to, they will exhaust all their efforts to inform you right away.

How to find a Filipino virtual assistant?

At this point, chances are you’re already considering hiring a Filipino VA. Now that you’re ready to regain control of your business, time, and life, how do you actually hire a VA?

First, you have to answer a few questions:

1.     Are you looking for someone who can work full-time or part-time?

Before posting a job opening online, figure out where you’re spending most of your time at work and identify tasks you can pass to your Filipino VA. Next, decide if your VA will have to work for those tasks for a total of 40 or 20 hours weekly.

Whether you need someone to work full-time or part-time, assess if you have the budget. If you’re short on budget, you can consider hiring a part-time contractor who’s working with multiple clients.

2.     What skills and qualities are you looking for in a Filipino VA?

List down all the qualities that you’re looking for in a VA. Make sure that the candidate will fit your company’s culture. But the good thing about Filipino VAs is they’re very adaptable and passionate about improvement.

Another thing to note is the list of tasks you’re delegating. While there are tasks that don’t require hard skills, there are projects that need to be designated to experienced VAs. For instance, if you need FB ads optimization, it’s best to hire someone knowledgeable in that field. Hiring an inexperienced VA is not recommended unless you’re experienced (and willing) enough to train your new hire.

3.     How much time can you spend on training your new hire?

Hiring a Filipino VA means investing time and money, and how effective you train them during the first few weeks sets the tone of their performance later on.

So, ask yourself: Are you willing to train your Filipino VA during the first few weeks? Would you be able to render 2 to 4 hours daily supervising them?

Where can you find the best Filipino virtual assistants?

If you already have the answers to the questions stated above, the next step is preparing the description for the role. It should include information about your business, its location, level of expertise required, list of job responsibilities, and salary.

Once your job description is ready, you now have two options to begin your search for your next VA: post on several job posting sites or approach digital marketing companies or agencies like BrightMinds PH for a hassle-free hiring process. Usually, businesses offering virtual assistance guarantee the most experienced virtual assistants. Unlike hiring freelancers, hiring through BrightMinds PH has more advantages:

Pre-screened and trained – One of the advantages of hiring a VA from an agency is that they’ll endorse a professional virtual assistant that has gone through screenings and training. Hiring a VA from BrightMinds PH means you’re getting your money’s worth.

Cost-effective – Most virtual assistance agencies train VAs for their jobs. In other words, you won’t need to shell out for courses and training. If you look at the bigger picture, you’ll realize that hiring a VA from BrightMinds PH is more cost-effective than other options.

Wide selection of screened talents – BrightMinds PH will give you access to talents armed with various skills you might need for your business.

Your responsibilities as an employer

Once you’ve hired the best candidate, keep in mind these pointers that you need to fulfill as an employer:

–        Give your Filipino VA the full scope of their responsibilities

–        Provide a specific schedule and working hours

–        Since Filipino VAs tend to be shy at first, provide supervision during the first few weeks and encourage them to ask questions freely 

–        Feel free to provide feedback and guidance so your VA can continuously improve moving forward

–        Provide them with yearly or quarterly training that will help them grow as an individual and a professional

–        Provide them with what they’re worth! Aside from their base salary, give them benefits, bonuses, special leaves, and more.

Closing thoughts

Hiring someone to take over some of your business activities can be challenging. But with a Filipino virtual assistant, you can achieve your business goals faster than ever before.

Looking for the best place to hire a virtual assistant? Look no further! BrightMinds PH offers exceptional virtual assistance at an affordable rate. If you’re interested in our services, book a call with us and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help you reach your business goals.


How to Boost Traffic to Your Website in 2022

Go out and look around you. You’ll mostly come across many people using their smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.

It’s no secret that internet usage has greatly skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions prompting most of us to remain indoors and stay in touch with the outside world via technology, more and more people are relying on the internet to connect, learn, and purchase.

The internet is now brimming with billions of content as it has become a famous avenue for businesses to market their products and services. This very reason had businesses and organizations vying to be on the top of search engines.

But mastering the art of boosting website traffic is anything but easy. Search for ways on the internet, and you’ll be bombarded with too much information. Lucky for you to be here because, in this article, we’ll dive into effective, time-tested methods for increasing your website traffic this year. 

What is website traffic?

It’s simply another term referring to online users who visit a website. The website traffic is measured in visits, often dubbed as “sessions,” and is a standard website performance metric used to determine online business effectiveness. According to Big Commerce, website traffic was the sole, most important metric used to determine a website’s effectiveness. But as researchers and marketers got savvier, analyzing website performance became more diverse and advanced.

Why it matters to your business

Why does website traffic matter, you ask? For starters, if you aren’t attracting visitors to your website, your brand will not flourish in the digital landscape. If you’re not attracting visitors, then you won’t generate sales or achieve your business goals.

That being said, there are the three primary ways you can implement to boost your website traffic number:

1. There is a need for more targeted traffic to generate more sales.

2. Traffic from these targeted users is more likely to stay and return to your website.

3. The more an online user spends time on your website, the more likely they will sign up for your newsletter and revisit your website for deals, announcements, discounts, and new product launches.

Different types of website traffic

Here’s the thing: not all web visits are quality or relevant to your goals. Here are the different types of website traffic and their corresponding meanings, as discussed by Cyber Click.

Organic traffic

This refers to the total number of visitors who conducted research on search engines like Google. Visitors most likely came across your website through the search results. Organic traffic accounts for a high percentage of visits, and one thing you can do to boost organic traffic is by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Direct traffic

Often the least talked about, this type of traffic indicates the number of visitors from various origins. These are users who found your website through typing the URL of your website into the search bar, accessing your site in their bookmarks/favorites, and clicking on a link in an email or non-indexed file.

Direct traffic comes from online users already aware of your site and visiting it on purpose.

Referral traffic

This type of traffic happens when a user clicks your website’s link from external sources like forum or blog. Participating in link building activities has been proven to increase referral traffic. It is the type of traffic that could take the form of blog posts, articles, press mentions, and the like.

Affiliate traffic

Relying only on organic traffic means limiting yourself from more potential audience. Affiliate marketing is a popular method to increase the number of website traffic. Affiliate marketing refers to the method by which an affiliate earns a commission for advertising a brand’s product or service. This is essential if you’re operating an affiliate website. For this, you’ll need an associate to market your website on their network. The payment method happens on a per click, transaction, or contact.

How to boost your website traffic

There are many ways to boost your website traffic, but the following tips have yielded better results than any strategy out there.

Leverage social media

Social media platforms are great traffic drivers. Social media traffic takes place when you utilize your brand’s social media platforms very well, and lead users to your website.

Now, what makes it important?

1) Fostering deeper connections with your target market – The primary goal of social media is to bring people together. Today, anyone has the power to grow their audience on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other platforms by engaging with online users. Likewise, you can also tap social media influencers to promote your website through sponsored posts.

2) Sharing knowledge and expertise – Through bite-sized contents, you can share your knowledge and entice prospective clients. Talk about your products, services, advocacies, and other interesting topics to encourage online users to visit your website.

3) Increasing online presence – You can massively improve your website traffic and online visibility by consistently providing value on social media platforms.

Here are some social media tips to get you started:

–   Know your audience – If you’re a small, start-up business, focus on limiting your social media usage to a maximum of three platforms. Focus your efforts on your chosen platforms to ensure positive results. Don’t forget to pick the right platform/s for your industry. Keep in mind that each social media platform targets a different demographic, so make sure to do research before anything else.

–   Post consistently – Being on schedule will keep you accountable and help you grow a steady stream of followers. Don’t forget to include your website link in the captions if necessary.

–   Analyze your results – Gauge and assess your social media efforts. Then, with trial and error, you’ll be able to find the proper schedule, strategy, and forms of content for your audience.  

–   Use hashtags – A hashtag motivates social media users to explore content that matches their interests, which can help brands reach their target audience. In today’s busy world of social media, people can quickly get overloaded with information. Using the right hashtags will make you stand out from your competitors, so make sure to research what your target audience is looking for!

This type includes online users who went to your website after clicking on an advertisement from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising networks like Google Ads. Keep in mind that these networks incorporate various types of ads and locations, so make sure to choose which one is more beneficial for your business. For instance, you can use Google Ads to advertise a page in search results.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

According to LocalIQ, an optimized Google business listing garners seven times more visits than an unfinished one. Therefore, don’t forget to take advantage of the free opportunity to set up your Google Business Profile!

An optimized listing includes the following: high-quality photos of your logo, in-store photos (if you have a physical store), reviews/ratings, website link, category, open hours, phone number, and answered questions.

Write and encourage guest blogs

Guest blogging is a two-way method. You can invite people to blog on your website, and you can be a guest blogger for blogs in your niche.

If your guest post gets approved on a high-authority website, the chances of garnering quality traffic increase. Not only will it affect your web traffic, but it will also help boost brand recognition. In addition, if you are a guest poster, the website’s owner will usually allow you to share your website’s link. This will earn you referral traffic, and at the same time, earn backlinks on your site. Indeed, it’s a win-win situation!

There are several ways to search for websites that allow guest posting. According to User Growth, there are the two most popular ways:

1. Use Google search and type in the following on the search bar:

–   your keyword(s) + inurl:write-for-us

–   your keyword(s) + inurl:guest-post-guidelines

–   your keyword(s) + guest-posts

–   your keyword(s) + bloggers wanted

–   your keyword(s) + inurl:write-for-us

–   your keyword(s) + submit an article

–   your keyword(s) + contribute

–   your keyword(s) + accepting guest posts

–   your keyword(s) + become a contributor

2. Use social media. Simply search relevant terms like “guest post,” “guest posting,” or “guest author” to find websites that accept guest writers.

A backlink is a situation where one page on the internet references your website on theirs through a clickable link. Also known as an inbound or exterior link, it provides an interesting signal to search engines, suggesting that your website is valuable. And when search engines detect its relevance, they will boost the visibility and rankings of your website.

Here’s are some tips you can start doing to increase the traffic coming to your website:

1. Use Haro – In case you missed it, Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a site where journalists seek help completing an article. Here, journalists post several questions, and if you were able to provide answers, you could get free press. This is where journalists from internal websites such as Entrepreneur, Time, and The New York Times inquire, making it a great place to shoot your shot for quality backlinks to your website!

2. Create infographics – Appeal to visual learners through infographics. One of the many reasons brands love using infographics is that it simplifies complex ideas, making stories more digestible for readers. Brainstorm for content or idea you want to share through an infographic. Make sure it includes an exciting story that your audience will be interested in. You can breeze through current trending topics for inspiration.

Through using long-tail keywords

Producing relevant content is only half of the battle if you want to increase your website traffic this year. Conducting keyword research is just as important as coming up with a creative idea that’ll entice your audience.

When doing keyword research, focus your attention on long-tail keywords. These are words consisting of three to four words, such as “best restaurants near me” or “how to lose weight in 1 month.”

Optimize keywords and match people’s search inquiries. For instance, if your website sells makeup products, then “makeup” and “beauty” should be the focal point of your keywords.

Use these long-tail keywords to craft compelling titles for your articles. You can search for keyword ideas using tools such as Ahrefs’ free keyword generator, WordStream, and Wordtracker.

Improve your On-Page SEO efforts

There are a lot of SEO tactics you can implement on your website pages to boost their ranks in search engines. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips you can start implementing today:

Meta description – This refers to the text appearing below your URL in search results. It gives insight or a brief description of what an online user can expect to see on your website. The meta description is only limited to a certain number of characters, making it your only chance to entice online users to click your website link aside from the headline or article title itself.

Well-designed website – Never underestimate the power of having a well-designed website. If your website does not reflect your professionalism or passion for your craft, people will leave and search for others. That’s lost visitors, social media buzz, and potential revenue.

Evergreen content – This refers to any type of content that will stand the test of time, keeping your website on top of the search rankings for long periods.

Use relevant keywords – Keywords are primarily what lead people to your website. To properly utilize keywords, take your website’s elements (images, articles, videos, etc.) and summarize them in SEO-friendly words. Then, include your keywords in your URL, meta descriptions, header tags, and alt attributes to make your website rank higher in search engines.

Titles and headlines – Align your on-page headlines to the language of your audience. Make sure your headline incorporates your chosen keyword/s and accurately describes the page content.

Closing thoughts

The bottom line of this discussion? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! There are many ways to increase your website traffic this 2022, so take advantage of the best strategies out there! With time and effort, you’ll realize that a diverse approach combining various strategies will help you reach your business goals.

From optimizing your on-page SEO to guest posting, it might take a while until you see results. We at BrightMinds PH can help implement web traffic-boosting strategies that promise results. If you’re interested, you can message us today for a free quote!


Signs That You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Now that remote work is on the rise, many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) business owners are looking for supportive solutions for profit generation. At first, as a business owner, it seems like you can do things alone or with minimal help from other professionals. But as you watch your business grow, you may be faced with a mounting workload.

If you find yourself thinking about how you can manage all the pressure on your own, then maybe it’s about time to consider seeking help from a virtual assistant.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about virtual assistants—what are they, what they do, and signs that tell you that you need one as soon as possible.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who offers a variety of services to businesses. A virtual assistant can fulfill almost any task, from scheduling appointments to managing events, replying to inquiries, organizing events, fulfilling digital marketing tasks, and accomplishing personal errands. Think about this professional as your business’s secretary or executive assistant but located in a remote area. A virtual assistant may not be by your side, but they still play a role in the success and management of your business.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

There are a lot of tasks that you can assign to a virtual assistant. Their duties include, but are not usually limited to the following:

  • Managing social media pages
  • Handling emails and tasks
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Preparing reports
  • Offering customer support
  • Fulfilling personal errands like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Accomplishing basic digital marketing tasks like SEO optimization
  • Performing creative tasks such as graphic design, video editing, and copywriting

Signs that tell you it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant

Let’s begin with the most obvious signs. If you’re reading this article, chances are you may relate to one or two of these signs. Check out which of the following scenarios resonate with you the most:

1. You spend too much time on administrative tasks

Administrative works are necessary to ensure that the business is running, but spending long hours responding to emails, preparing your billings, scheduling your appointments, and making sales calls can distract you from the more pressing matters in your business.

Let’s say that you’re a business owner who has set up and maintained a start-up business on your own. This is great at first because it provides you full control and autonomy. But eventually, as your business grows, you’ll be bombarded with other additional tasks. And if you try to manage everything on your own, you eventually lose control.

If you find that data entry, bookkeeping, and team management are consuming much of your time, it’s a fool-proof sign of your need for a virtual assistant.

2. You deal with tasks that require skills you don’t have

Are you tired of learning the ropes of taxes on your own? Do you need extra help in implementing your marketing campaigns? If you’ve learned everything on your own, then great. But as multi-talented as you can be, the time will come when your business will outgrow those skills. If you’re a fantastic leader, isn’t it better to put your efforts into managing your business and building rapport with your clients than scheduling meetings and travels?

Think about it—wouldn’t it be better if you have a virtual assistant who could perform some of the legwork for you? Having someone to help you will lighten up the load on your shoulders and help improve your productivity and efficiency.

3. Dealing with too much busywork

Do you know the feeling of spending hours working on a low-value task that you start wondering why you even spent hours in the first place? If you do, and if this constantly frustrates you, it’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant to help you with simple tasks.

As the Pareto principle posits, as a trend in many business procedures, 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. Meaning, as the leader of your business, your attention and effort should be focused on the essentials that are currently producing 80% of your results, rather than the 80% of work that only produces 20% of your results.

4. You have no work-life balance

Being present in your business is a good thing, not until you start spreading yourself too thin and start choosing between fulfilling work-related tasks and attending an important family event. If this happens to you more often than usual, unfortunately, you have a compromised work-life balance. According to a study, work-life balance is the primary challenge most entrepreneurs face. Around 50% of managers in the world spend more than 40 hours weekly at work, while 30% of small business entrepreneurs render more than 50 hours working weekly.

Being your own boss is excellent, but there are a few drawbacks that come with it. For one thing, it’s your responsibility to make decisions regularly regarding planning, pricing, hiring, partnerships, and more. But as your business grows, your responsibility will too. Hence, your work-life balance will tend to tilt more toward the work side.

There’s more to life than work. So if you think too much work compromises your personal life, then it’s probably the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant.

5. You’re looking for ways to scale your business

Are demands piling up in your business, and you’re feeling the need to expand? Having a virtual assistant can alleviate some pressure that comes with growing. You can outsource the tasks you can’t accommodate anymore and let your virtual assistant take care of the rest so you can focus your attention on more important business matters.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are many reasons as to why you should hire a VA right now. Keep reading to find them out:

1. VAs can expedite business growth

Admit it, no business owner is a superhero.

If you want to scale your business, the time will come you’ll need an extra hand to plan and execute everything successfully. When expanding your business, hire a VA and help them develop a complete understanding of your business policies and ethics. Then, leave an open floor for their ideas, and eventually, you’ll see substantial growth in your business.

2. Decreased costs

Instead of hiring a full-time employee, getting tasks outsourced can be a great money-saving option for entrepreneurs.

Having a VA can help you cut down expenses for office space, additional taxes, employee benefits, and maintenance costs. Additionally, you won’t have to purchase office equipment like computers, laptops, printers, and telephones.

Depending on your business demands, a virtual assistant can work on a part-time or full-time basis.

3. Reduced workload

Say goodbye to jam-packed schedules and stressing over small tasks. A VA will be more than willing to do the legwork for you. Virtual assistants are skilled in various areas, which can help decrease your work-related stress and increase your business’s productivity. Have trouble organizing schedules? A virtual assistant can arrange your meetings for you. Struggling with coming up with engaging social media content? Leave it to the hands of a virtual assistant!

4. Gives you more focus on the core operations

Business owners need more time working on their businesses’ core functions. There will be tasks that are unfamiliar to you. So consider hiring an experienced VA so you can better focus on the more crucial aspects of your business.

5. Get more work done in less time

As a business owner, you have to work hard and juggle multiple tasks alone. But why go solo when you have the option to hire a VA?

Imagine having more time to explore new business opportunities. With a virtual assistant, having more time in your hands won’t have to exist in your imagination anymore. By outsourcing tasks to your VA, you are opening yourself to more growth opportunities.

6. Offers you flexibility

Hiring a VA gives you the option of developing a more flexible working schedule and set up for them. That way, you won’t have to monitor your VA everytime they have to work.

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?

The signs are already evident—by now, you already know that you need a VA. But are you ready to hire one?

There are still some factors you need to consider before hiring a virtual assistant:

Evaluate your workload

Figure out where you’re spending most of your attention and time at work. If you realize you’re spending too much time in areas that can be easily outsourced, then you need assistance in those aspects to lighten your workload. Having these small, everyday tasks lifted from your responsibilities will help you focus your attention and effort on what you do best.

Assess your budget

Do you have a budget to pay for a VA’s salary? While it’s true that hiring a VA is an excellent investment, not all businesses can afford hiring at the moment. So, evaluate if you can afford a VA in your business expenses. If you’re on a tight budget, look for various options on the internet and do a comparative analysis. Then, acquire the services your business needs at the most reasonable rates.

Are you ready to unload yourself of responsibilities?

Passing some of your business responsibilities to a remote worker may seem daunting, especially if you’re delegating it to a worker living on the other side of the world. Hire a virtual assistant only if you’re ready to trust another person to do some tasks for you. You should also be ready to mentor your VA during their first few days. You have to discuss your business ethics, goals, and responsibilities with your VA, making sure that they fully understand their role in your business.

Letting go may seem scary at first, but allowing a virtual assistant to do some heavy-lifting for you can help you and your business grow. It will also let you focus on high-value tasks, such as working on new products or services, acquiring leads, coming up with a new marketing campaign, and more.

Where can you hire a Virtual Assistant?

There’s no one answer telling if you need a virtual assistant. But if you find yourself resonating with most of the signs listed here, at this point, it should be clear that having a virtual assistant can help unload some business burdens from you.

Now, you are decided that you want to regain control of your time, business, and life. But how do you hire a VA?

Before starting your search for the perfect VA, you have to determine what type of help you need so you and your remote worker can work harmoniously. Next, create a job description for the role. It should include background information about your business, the level of expertise required, a list of responsibilities, and a rundown of apps, tools, and software they are expected to use.

Next, post your job description online once it’s ready. Freelance marketplace lists provide excellent avenues to reach your ideal virtual assistant. You can also post the job description on your social media pages, or better yet, ask people for referrals.

Now that you have a pool of applicants, review their applications and schedule video interviews with the top 5 candidates. Evaluate their credentials and interview performances and pick the best candidate you see yourself working with moving forward.

If the interview process is too tedious for you, and if you want to find the ideal VA as soon as possible, look no further. We at Brightminds PH are more than willing to lighten your business load. Save yourself from the stress and hassle of scheduling your meetings, creating your online content, managing customer inquiries, and other administrative tasks with the help of our experienced virtual assistants.

Take a look at our client reviews to see how we helped them surpass their business challenges:

Dr. Jena Questen
Allison Lancaster
Melissa Ricker

Are you ready to scale your business? Send us a message, and let’s talk about your business challenges and how our virtual assistance can help you overcome them.


What is Clubhouse and How Can You Use It to Grow Your Business?

It has been raved over by high-profile celebrities and beta-testing users alike. This app was even called the new social media star. And the world’s greatest investors think this social media phenomenon is worth a billion dollars.

Introducing Clubhouse: an audio-only social networking application usually likened to podcasts where the audience can share their opinions. It’s a social media platform paving its way to becoming the next generation’s “it” thing.

Clubhouse has taken the limelight among celebrities, venture capitalists, and even start-up entrepreneurs. The social media spotlight is so striking that even China has blocked it. Now that the app is at its prime stage, you should not miss out on it as a business owner. Clubhouse may be the next social media phenomenon that will help boost your brand, and even sales. Here’s why.

What is Clubhouse?

Developed by Rohan Seth and Pail Davison of Alpha Exploration Co., Clubhouse was introduced to iOS in March 2020. It is a live audio application that lets users create clubs and rooms within the virtual space.

Conversation is the cornerstone of Clubhouse, which usually happens in two ways. Each room is an audio-only discussion among users who are inside. These discussions can be scheduled or may happen unannounced and can engage a few people. For instance, it can be an interview format where other uses can simply listen in, whereas other discussions can engage many users. On the other hand, a user can have a 1-on-1 room with a contact, given that both users follow each other on the platform.

How does Clubhouse work?

The premise around this social media app is no rocket science, but it’s extraordinarily captivating—so much so that the platform’s audience has skyrocketed from 600,000 users in December 2021 to more than 2 million a month later.

Like any social media application, Clubhouse lets you set up your profile, follow like-minded people, and enter “Clubs,” or theme-specific groups. After setting up your profile and following Clubs and people, you will start to see where these groups and people are participating and/or hosting in rooms. These “rooms” can be likened to different TED Talk topics, which are all open so you can hop in and listen to a variety of conversations. You may enter a room as an audience, but if you want to contribute to the discussion, one of the speakers can choose to invite you to speak.

All these conversations happen in real-time. You can choose to go room-hopping, stay in one that you find really interesting, or create a room of your own wherein you can share your knowledge with others.

As a voice-only application, you won’t have to worry about dressing appropriately, organizing your background, and making eye contact with strangers. And unlike conventional social media applications that heavily rely on graphics, videos, and texts, you can listen or join discussions while cleaning, driving, or doing your household chores.

As Clubhouse continues to gain popularity from the general public, so it does among high-profile celebrities and entrepreneurs, including Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, Drake, and Oprah. 

All of these features are truly amazing, but here’s the catch: Not all people can hop into the digital landscape. It is an invitation-only social media app only made for iOS users. However, the developers assured the general public that they are already working to make the app exclusive to the whole world.

How to get an invite to Clubhouse?

The easiest way to enter Clubhouse is to reach out to your existing network. Connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media applications and let them know you want to join the platform.

When someone signs up in Clubhouse, they are given two invites, and they can be provided with more throughout their stay in the application. Apparently, there’s no solid information about how people get extra invites.

The pros of using Clubhouse

Joining Clubhouse can benefit your business and yourself. Here are the ways on how you can capitalize on this social media app:

Benefits for your business

Networking opportunities

The first and most obvious advantage of joining Clubhouse is connecting with more like-minded people. You see, people join the app for business growth. And the knowledge they impart is valuable in many ways: it allows you to spot trends, broaden your perspective on things, and benefit from shared wisdom among leaders in your industry. By simply listening and participating in discussions, you’ll meet new people and expand your network.

Be updated with the latest trends in the industry

Since Clubhouse encourages social listening, you can follow and learn influential leaders in your industry, keep an eye on your competitors, and stalk topics related to your niche. Gather insights and put them to your business’s advantage.

Finding or becoming a mentor in your niche

Let’s be real—not everyone is lucky enough to come across a mentor in person. So, if you need a mentor or want to become one, you may find the right people in Clubhouse. It consists of a pool of people who will inspire, intrigue, and challenge you. You will find individuals who are willing to share their expertise and those who are eager to listen to yours.

Mentoring provides benefits for both parties, and Clubhouse is just the perfect platform to create mentoring relationships.

Finding investors

Starting a small business can be exciting, but scaling it can be challenging, especially when you have insufficient funds to support your grand ideas. Finding investors is one of the common ways to take some of the burden off your finances.

Aside from Shark Tank, probably the most practical way to reach potential investors is through Clubhouse. It provides a space for you to drop your pitch and even close a deal.

Benefits for yourself

Establish yourself as a leader

A significant factor in boosting your brand is establishing you and your business as leaders in your niche. The likelihood of gaining greater exposure in Clubhouse is endless. Share your insights with people interested in your expertise to build your reputation as a leader they can look up to.

Reduces screen fatigue

Did you know that 60% of Americans spend five or more hours a day in front of their electronic gadgets, including computers, smartphones, and tablets?

In the age of digitalization, our eyes need breaks too. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you don’t really need to stare at the screen to participate in Clubhouse, hence reducing screen fatigue or eye strain.

Increased mobility

Since more and more people are working from home, most of the time, we find ourselves glued to our seats in front of our laptops. An audio-based app like Clubhouse gives you the flexibility to listen and participate in discussions, all the while you are doing other responsibilities on your to-do list.

No DMs

Another significant advantage of using Clubhouse is that people can’t send you direct messages. In other words, that’s one less inbox to look at and worry about! Clubhouse users can only invite you to a private room, nothing else. The absence of DM features in the platform encourages people to take conversations onto other platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

No need to create content

One of the best parts? You don’t have to stress over thinking about your content strategy! In other social media platforms, you are expected to post relevant graphic, textual, and video content to stand out in your niche. In Clubhouse, people can’t visit your page and see your information. Instead, everything happens in real-time: you enter a room, listen and or participate in the discussion, and leave once it’s over.

The cons of using Clubhouse

As with anything, using Clubhouse has some disadvantages. Although the setbacks do not necessarily outweigh the advantages, it’s essential to be aware of them.

Conversations end and cannot be saved

As soon as the discussion is over, the conversation disappears forever. It can be an advantage in the sense that it encourages users to spend time on the app and makes the discussions seem more authentic, as it happens in real-time.

At the same time, it can be challenging for others to keep with the stream of information being discussed. Others may have a hard time catching up with the information being provided in the conversation.

Unclear moderation policies

The major setback of this platform is it’s more complicated to moderate than conventional social media platforms, where moderation is often monitored through algorithms and overseeing a list of words and hashtags. With an audio-based application, Clubhouse only relies on users reporting unethical content instead of proactive moderation from the staff.

For instance, New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz had a first-hand experience wherein she joined a Clubhouse conversation about her. She was being accused of playing “the woman card” by reporting about the harassment she got on Twitter. Since Clubhouse doesn’t have a reporting feature, Lorenz wasn’t able to flag the conversation. She took to Twitter to say that the platform “cultivated this community and is allowing these toxic members a safe space to rally their troops against targets.”

As Clubhouse expands, harassment and verbal abuse may balloon into a bigger concern.

Not inclusive

Since it’s an audio app, Clubhouse provides a lack of accommodation for the deaf and people who have hearing disabilities, preventing them from participating in conversations.

Clubhouse tips for beginners

Now that you have a basic understanding of Clubhouse and what happens inside the app, it’s time to use it to your advantage. Here are some Clubhouse tips that can help you scale your business.

Optimize your profile

Like in any other social media app, you have to optimize your profile. Make the most out of your profile to make out the most of the application. Make use of the feature that allows you to link your Clubhouse profile to Instagram or Twitter. That way, people would know more about your business and background. If you have a Facebook group or a lead magnet, you can also add those details to your profile.

Diversify your feed

Search for keywords that interest you and follow people that appear in the results. Another way to expand your feed is by following these steps:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Interests.”
  • Choose the categories that resonate with your likings.
Join other people’s room and add value there

Once your profile is all set, start joining rooms. Keep in mind that rooms have two types of people: listeners and speakers.

If you drop by a room discussing matters about your expertise, use it as a researching tool. It’s like luring around a Facebook group, but instead of reading, you’re listening. If the hosts allow to entertain questions or opinions from the audience, then raise your hand and add value to the discussion.

Another way to use Clubhouse for your benefit is to enter rooms where your peers join. There, you will focus on checking the profiles of the people in the room and then add value during discussions. This is particularly the main reason why you need to optimize your profile—people will be checking yours too to give them an idea if you’d be a great fit in their network.

Start your own room

If you really want your Clubhouse profile to benefit your business, start running your own rooms. Managing rooms give you the freedom to set the topics, which should ideally revolve around your expertise and pique the interest of your potential clients. You can also ask others to contribute to the discussion too.

Invite your clients

See which of your clients are active on Clubhouse. Host a room and invite them to participate in a talk about your niche. You can encourage them to bring their network who perhaps are interested in learning about your expertise.

What is the future of Clubhouse?

The founders are planning to make the platform available for Android users and adding in localization features. They plan to improve the app’s community policies and tools to ensure a great user experience and promote better inclusion.


Clubhouse may be a great tool to scale your business with its unique feature on the traditional social media format. Likewise, it also gives you an exclusive opportunity to listen and interact with potential investors, industry leaders, as well as the world’s biggest celebrities.

If you utilize your time, effort, and Clubhouse profile wisely, you’re bound to enjoy its benefits to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Ask your network to invite you to the app, start listening to meaningful conversation, establish great connections, and see your brand thrive and strengthen.